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We host domains, email, websites and cloud storage We also design and write websites for Windows and Linux as well as other applications for Windows too Tools used How do we do it .Net Framework and .Net Core applications for Microsoft Windows Websites for Microsoft or Linux based platforms using Microsoft .Net or PHP for WebApi development with either Microsoft SQL Server or MariaDB\MySQL for the database. Hosting on either Windows with IIS or Linux with Apache2 Internet-of-things (IoT). Interfacing with Arduino and Raspberry Pi PC and Laptop harware supplies

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Easilly accessible and private cloud storage of your documents using nextcloud Secure email (and aliases) and websites (with your own domain name and https certificates) Spam detection for email and scanning for over 6 million viruses and other malware for email and websites Hosted using Linux server and typically developed with Angular 8, PHP 7 and MariaDB Note: For better SEO and search engine indexing of Angular pages we utilize html pre-rendering We aim to give you 99% up-time of your services

We are based in Pretoria, South Africa, but work remotely for international clients or face-to-face with clients in the wider Pretoria and Johannesburg areas Use our website menu (top of page) to discover more about us and what we offer

If you are a struggling start-up, or a charity organisation, then perhaps we can help you We typically charge per project, project milestone or per hour Payment accepted either through Electronic Fund Transfer, PayPal or Patreon My name is Dean Komen and am the principal of Dimension15, I administer our hosted domains, certificates, email, website and cloud storage services. Most of the Linux based development I currently do too, but I also do Windows development. My professional software development career has spanned a little over 25 years and have used multiple languages and tools. I started with computer gaming back in the 1970's but started actual programming in 1984 using Basic on a ZX-Spectrum (with 16KB RAM) but in the beginning of the 90's moved on to Pascal, C++ and Assembler, but have done at least 10+ traditional languages (including C, C# on Mono and .Net, Clarion, Pearl, Delphi, Assyst, Visual Basic, VB.Net, PHP 7 and more). My start in the the PC world was with MS-DOS and then basically every iteration of Windows since Windows 3.1. I also worked on OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 Warp. I started playing with Linux in about 1996. The first real game I wrote was a C++ clone of the classic Asteroids game in about 1993, but also wrote many graphic and sound demo's which was spread through BBS's (bulletin board systems). More recently I have started learning Rust for very fast running multi-platform code execution. I have written a span of software ranging from servers (HTML proxy, POP3, FTP etc), neural networks, workflows, websites, to stock market data analysis to aid in investment predictions. I have also interfaced with Twitter and moved all the way over to interacting with automated boom gates and industrial scales. I also used a computers video card GPU for high speed multi-threaded problem solving using OpenCL with C and C++. Additionally, some more recent frameworks used for web development include ASP.Net MVC and Angular 8. For database systems I mostly use Microsoft SQL Server and MariaDB and then less recently also Oracle, MySQL, FireBird, MongoDB, db4o (yes, I also experienced the ubiquitious Microsoft Access) and more. Source control repositories used the most were SubVersion and Git. Over the years I have also been involved in penetration testing. I specialize in web development on Linux (Visual Studio Code, Angular 7 or 8, PHP 7, Rust, .Net Core 2, MariaDB) and web and application development on Microsoft Windows platforms using Rust or C# and Microsoft .Net Framework or .Net Core. I typically work on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, Ubuntu Server LTS, Linux Mint and for my laptop I use Arch Linux. Windows development: Usually Angular 8 or ASP.Net MVC for website, IIS for the web server and at the back-end Rust or C# with .Net Core or the traditional .Net Framework with either MariaDB, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server as the database system Linux development: Usually Angular 7 or 8 for website, Apache2 for web server and PHP 7 or Rust for the WebApi with either MariaDB or MySql for the database system Hosting: If you wish to host your website (or email accounts) with us then we typically offer an Angular 8 front-end (with the option of free LetsEncrypt certificates) while running on Ubuntu LTS Server with Apache2, and, for WebApi we use PHP 7 and then MariaDB as the database system Nextcloud cloud storage: Cloud storage for all your files and synching new files to all your devices, read more here Computer hardware We can supply clients with a range of PC's and Laptop's, video cards, cpu's, RAM, Harddrives etc. A small collection of companies we have developed software for in the past (either as an employee or contractor) include: Old Mutual Samancor mining Ideon Technologies BMW Q-Data City Council of Windhoek (Namibia) South African government: Government Employee Pension Fund and the Department of Social Development Nedcor\Nedbank First National Bank Bank of Africa Country Foods AST(now Gijima) Consulting Africa (Botswana)